I am very grateful for the care that the Community Nursing Registry of Ottawa (CNRO) has provided first to my parents and then after my father’s passing, the continued support of my mother. Both my brother and I live outside of Canada so to have these qualified and compassionate RN’s, RPN’s and PSW’s available to help us navigate through my mother’s care, has been a blessing. CNRO provided care that allowed her to live independently for 5 years after my father’s death.


M.R. March 2019


CNRO was a lifesaver when I needed help and I thank God for the nurses they sent me. One of my nurses is going to stay on and come with me to my doctor appointments. I know the visit will go smoothly because I will have someone there to help me understand what the doctor has to say. I know I can call the CNRO in the future if I need nursing care again.


C.T. May 2019


I am a healthcare professional. Both my husband and I are very busy with our careers. Over the past 40 years we have relied on the Community Nursing Registry of Ottawa to provide gold standard care to my extended family. Whether it was for pain control, homecare following an accident, end of life care or to accompany someone to important appointments, CNRO has been there for us providing all the care or as an adjunct to provincially funded services.
Healthcare is expensive and we don’t have benefits, but I believe the investment in nursing care from the Community Nursing Registry of Ottawa has made a difference in our health outcomes. Today, the weekly visit from the CNRO nurse means my mother is able to live a healthy life and I have peace of mind.

Thank you CNRO!


W.D. April 2019


Thank you for the excellent service you have provided to our parents.
You and your team have been just wonderful!


J.J. May 2019


I would like to extend a very warm appreciation for all of your assistance with finding the right RN to care for my mother.

Maggie was the perfect nurse! Your agency certainly knows how to match the client with the right nurse. First, her experience was invaluable and allowed for complete relaxation for me to know that there was no question she knew how to manage a PICC line and ileostomy. Secondly, her bedside manner was so warm, gentle and genuine. She checked in each day after she started the PICC line to ensure everything was good.

So the perfect nurse is a combination of outstanding medical skills and amazing bedside manner and that is Maggie!!!