Office Team

RN Coordinators
Barb, Donna, Barbara and Emily are your first contact with the CNRO.  A member of our team is always available to answer your questions, work with you to determine the level of care you need, and arrange the care when you need it.  

 Membership Coordinator
Carolyn ensures that our care givers have the credentials and experience they need to provide the care you need.   She supports the care givers so that they can focus on you. 

Finance Manager
Louise is responsible for managing invoicing and payments, payroll and our day to day finances.  She will provide you information on payment methods and rates. 

Executive Director
Heather is a Registered Nurse providing leadership in CNROs day-to-day operations, building relationships with clients, families and community partners, and ensuring we follow the standards of the College of Nurses of Ontario and relevant legislation.