History of the CNRO

Committed, Caring, Solid and Dependable. These words have continued to be used by the people of Ottawa to describe the Community Nursing Registry of Ottawa (CNRO) since its inception in 1910. 

In 1907 the Ottawa Graduate Nurses Association was established.   A chapter of the larger Graduate Nurses Association of Ontario (GNAO), the mandate was to support the professional development of nurses in Ottawa.   The Ottawa Graduate Nurses association evolved into the modern day CNRO.   In 1910 a central registry, combining professional development with access to approved nursing services, was added to the Ottawa Chapter.     

 The GNAO ultimately became the Registered Nurses Association of Ontario (RNAO).  In 1942 our name changed to the Ottawa Community Nursing Registry following reorganization at the RNAO.   A final name change, to the Community Nursing Registry of Ottawa, occurred in 1975 with incorporation.   Over the years we have become more commonly known as the CNRO.  

 Initially one of 24 registries providing a central service for the distribution of RNAO approved nursing services, the CNRO is the only remaining not-for-profit registry in the province whose members are self-employed professionals. 

 Since inception, Registry members have practiced in private homes, hospitals, chronic care facilities, nursing homes, and wherever else they are needed.

 In the office, Registered Nurse Coordinators respond quickly and knowledgeably to all calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. An Executive Director and an elected Board of Directors manage the business and professional affairs of the Registry. It all adds up to a winning formula and remarkable record considering in 2010 the CNRO celebrated its 100th year with an unbroken reputation for excellence in nursing and personal care.