Stories of Care

Caregiver Relief

Mr. and Mrs. Lowry are a retired couple in their 70’s. Mr. Lowry has many complex health needs after a stroke several years ago. Mrs. Lowry has been managing the daily complex care herself, along with the assistance from a personal support worker twice per week. Mrs. Lowry has to have cataract surgery and is unsure of how she will manage her husband’s medications, catheter, and other needs while she is recovering from her own surgery.

Mrs. Lowry’s daughter offers to help in the mornings while Mrs. Lowry hires a nurse from the Community Nursing Registy of Ottawa to help her in the evenings when her husband’s care needs are the greatest. After one week of recovering from her cataract surgery, Mrs. Lowry no longer needs the assistance, but continues to have a nurse in one evening per month to help give her some time off. Click for more information on Caregiver Relief

Post-Surgical Care

Mrs. Madani has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer and has to have a double mastectomy. She and her family are not comfortable with doing the dressing changes that are needed after her surgery, and so they have sought care from the Community Nursing Registry of Ottawa. Much to the delight of Mrs. Madani and her family, the registry is able to send a Farsi-speaking nurse daily for her dressing changes and post-surgical care. Mr Nadal is able to submit the receipts and be reimbursed for the care by his insurance plan offered through this employer. Click here for more information on Post-Surgical Care

Foot Care

Mike has had type-1 diabetes for the last 25 years. He recently had the early stages of a foot ulcer. His partner encouraged him to start regular foot care with a skilled nurse. Now Mike receives monthly foot care from a Registered Nurse and has learned how to keep his feet healthy, choose properly fitting shoes, inspect his feet regularly and when to seek care for any sores. The nurse also motivated him to see his doctor regularly to make sure his diabetes is well managed so he can lower his risk for any future complication including foot ulcers. Click here for more information on Foot Care

In-Hospital Support

Mrs. Liu has to go to the hospital for angioplasty. She is very nervous about his procedure. She is also worried about going to the hospital as she speaks very little English and has a mild hearing impairment, making communicating with her hospital care team difficult. Her daughters suggest she be accompanied by a private duty nurse who can serve as an advocate and assist in reducing Mrs. Liu’s anxiety. A Mandarin-speaking nurse from the Community Nursing Registry of Ottawa accompanies Mrs. Liu to the hospital on the day of her procedure, and returns home with her for post-surgical care. Mrs. Liu and her family are pleased for that, thanks to the private duty nursing care, her experience at the hospital was less stressful as she felt supported and advocated for. Click here for more information on In-Hospital Support

Pediatric Home Care

Nathan is a happy, bright 13 year old boy who acquired a brain injury at birth. The injury has left him with seizures, limited mobility, muscle weakness and spasms and limited vision. As a result of his disability, Nathan requires a wheelchair, breathing machine at night, assistance with eating, and daily exercises. His parents attend to Nathan’s care needs in the evenings while during the say he has an aide at his school who assists with his care. Due to Nathan’s high care needs overnight and to be able to get enough sleep to work during the day, Nathan’s mom and dad have hired a nurse from the Community Nursing Registry of Ottawa to monitor and care for Nathan overnight and assist with getting Nathan ready for school in the morning.The same three nurses have been working with Nathan and his family for three years. Click here for more information on Pediatric Home Care

Supplementing CCAC Services

Jason was paralyzed from the shoulders down after a motorcycle accident when he was 19. He lives independently in a supported housing building and receives services by the Community Nursing Registry of Ottawa nurses and personal support workers through a partnership with a large home-care agency funded through CCAC. Jason schedules extra nursing hours from the Registry nurses in addition to his CCAC funded care at least once er week when he needs help outside of his regular care hours, such as to get ready for a church event or when he wants to go out with friends. Click here for more information on Supplementing CCAC Services

Medication Administration

Miss Rossi, aged 86, lives with her friend, Mrs. Giordano, aged 83. They live independently in a shared house. Miss Rossi now requires daily injections of insulin for her diabetes, and daily injections for her blood clotting disorder. Miss Rossi has difficulty preparing her injection due to arthritis in her hands. Her friend is too nervous that her own hand tremor would cause her to make an error if assisting Miss Rossi with the injection. Rather than sell their home and move to a retirement residence, the two decide to stay in their home, save money, and hire a nurse from the Community Nursing Registry of Ottawa to come daily to do Miss Rossi’s injections. During her visits, the nurse also assists in monitoring Mrs. Giordano’s blood pressure, Miss Rossi’s blood sugar and assisting them as needed to clarify new medication orders from their physicians. Click here for more information on Senior Home Care

Palliative Care

Mr Duncan is dying of lung cancer. he and his family wish for him to die, surrounded by loved ones, in the home he has lived in for 35 years. His wife, a Registered Nurse herself, wants skilled nursing support in the home during Mr. Duncan’s last weeks and knows both her insurance through work, and her husband’s insurance will cover the cost of nursing care. She contacts the Community Nursing Registry of Ottawa, who send her three highly experienced palliative care nurses to their home to not only provide physical care and manage his pain medications, but also to provide emotional, social and spiritual support to Mr. Duncan, his wife and their adult children. Mr. Duncan passes away peacefully at home, with his wife, children and dog beside him. The nurse on duty is there to support the Duncan family as they say their final goodbyes and helps them coordinate preparations for his funeral. Click here for more information on Palliative Care