Post-Surgical Care

Are you having surgery soon? Are friends or family unable to be at home with you those first few days after discharge? Would having an experienced health professional visit you at home add extra support to your healing and recovery?

Are you helping a friend, neighbour or family member with care after surgery? Are you overwhelmed with their care needs, unsure of what is normal during recovery, or confused by discharge orders?

Our experienced Nurses and Personal Support Workers would be pleased to help with your post-surgical care. Whether a one-time visit to help you and your care givers plan your post-surgical care, or ongoing care for several days or weeks, we can help meet your needs.

What is Post-Surgical Care

Post-Surgical Care is the nursing care provided following a surgery. This can include wound care, pain management, health education, and support with bathing, dressing and mobility. Care could be a one-time visit to help family plan care at home, or could be daily visits for several days or week, depending on what the client and family wishes.

Do I Need Post-Surgical Care?

If you or a family member is scheduled to have surgery, you may want to consider Post-Surgical Care. A CNRO Nurse or Personal Support Worker can help answer any question you may have and address your concerns. Even if you are getting visit nursing from CCAC, a CNRO Nurse or Personal Support Worker can help between visits or to supplement the care that CCAC is providing.


Your health is our priority

We have been proudly serving the Ottawa Community since 1910. We provide stable service and consistency of caregivers.

CNRO Post-Surgical Care is provided by experienced Nurses and PSWs. Our services are conveniently provided in the home, hospital, retirement home or long term care.

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CNRO offers wound care and dressing changes.