In-Hospital Support

Hospitals can be busy, lonely places. They can make you feel anxious and disorientated. Having someone there to support you can make all the difference between a positive experience and one you’d rather forget.

A Friendly Reassuring Face At Your Bedside: Is your loved one in hospital and suffering from anxiety or delirium? Are you exhausted from being at their bedside 24 hours per day to ensure they don’t climb out of bed, fall or pull out their medical tubes? Give yourself a break and have one our Personal Support Workers stay at the bedside to reassure, comfort and calm your loved one. You can go home, get some much needed sleep, a good meal and have the energy to support your loved one when they come out of hospital.

In Hospital Support: Hand Holding
Nurse checking in on patient

Personal Support During Procedures: Do you have an upcoming hospital procedure that has you anxious? Do you feel lost in the busy flow of a hospital? One of our professional and experienced Nurses would be pleased to accompany you to your hospital visit. Our Nurse can advocate on your behalf, spend the time to help you understand the procedure and educate you on post-procedure care. The Nurse can even return home with you to make sure you are settled, have the knowledge, support and supplies you need for a speedy recovery.

What is In-Hospital Support?    

In-Hospital Support is when a Nurse or Personal Support Worker accompanies a patient to the hospital to provide support, assistance and advocacy.

Do I Need In-Hospital Support?

In-Hospital Support can make a stressful hospital visit better. Consider this if you have:

  • Worries or anxiety about a hospital visit
  • Need someone by your bedside when friends or family are unavailable
  • Difficulty hearing or speaking
  • Mobility issues
  • Difficulty speaking and/or understanding English or French.

We can provide a nurse who speaks your language


Your health is our priority

CNRO In-Hospital Support is provided by our reliable Nurses and Personal Support Workers. We can make your hospital visit more comfortable, personable, safe and supported.

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